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Beauty Salon Launceston Tinting And Extensions

Experience eyelash tinting with a difference. Our unique product mix creates long lasting dark lashes with a shine. Your eyes are the window to your soul – let us help you shine.

Beauty Salon Launceston Tinting And Extensions – Treatment and Price List:

Eyelash Tint – $28.00

Using our unique product mix we can create for you beautiful dark, shiny lashes with colour that lasts and lasts.

Brow Shape, Lash & Brow Tint – $56.00

The essentials for every woman. Have your brows beautifully sculpted and coloured and then your lashes tinted for a perfectly poised and pretty finish.

Eye Brow Tint – $20.00

We guarantee a beautiful natural finish with your brow tint. We can even match your brows every time you change your hair colour!

Eyebrow Shape – $20.00

More than just shaping. We will work with you to get the look you want with your brows. Perfectly shaped brows compliment your face whilst incorrect shaping of the brows can be unattractive to say the least. When you are ready to have your brows expertly shaped book at the leading beauty salon in Launceston.

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Permanent Eye Lash Extensions.

Having your lashe extensions done with us ensures that you can have long, beautiful – yet natural looking – eyelashes 24 hours a day, seven days a week without the hassles of mascara. Lash extensions are worn by the likes of Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Star Jones, Paris Hilton, Gwen Stefani, Lucy Lui, Naomi Campbell and Liz Hurley.

They have a beautiful natural look and weightless feel. They remain in place for the natural cycle of the eyelash itself. Application is painless and many clients go to sleep during the process! You can still swim, exercise and shower without worry.

Absolute Beauty are extremely excited to be the first & only salon in Launceston to introduce Russian Volume Lash Extensions (RUVOL). This exciting initiative has involved over 12 months of planning, months & months of intensive training, preparation & certification and a huge amount of work to source the best available products from across the world for RUVOL extensions. Finally – you get to enjoy the fruits of this labour!

But before we share the exciting launch packages we have available with you we best explain what exactly are RUVOL extensions?! Given, there is nowhere else in Launceston (or Hobart) currently offering this treatment you are probably more than a little confused about what exactly they are and how they differ from normal lash extensions.

So what are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions come in many forms, materials and applications. Temporaryeyelash extensions are often called “stick-ons” or “strip lashes” and they are applied as a once off for a special occasion. A “strip” of lashes is stuck to your upper eyelid (note lid not lashes) using a gentle glue that lasts no longer than 24 hours. A good example is the ones you buy over the counter at the chemist or department store.

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are individually applied to your natural eyelashes one at a time. They use a stronger glue that is designed to hold the extension in place until your natural lash sheds as part of its natural growth cycle. When you go to a salon for a “set of lash extensions” you are getting semi permanent eyelash extensions. There are different types of semi permanent eyelash extensions available but until now only “Classic” eyelash extensions have been available in Tasmania. Not anymore! First lets explain the difference between a “Classic” set of lash extensions and a “RUVOL” set of lash extensions.

What are Classic Lash Extensions?

If you have ever had a set of lash extensions applied at a salon (good or bad) you will have had a “Classic” set applied. During a Classic set one extension per natural eyelash is applied. That is the important bit here. One natural lash + one extension. This is repeated until the desired coverage is reached. So, if you have 60-120 natural eyelashes per eye then obviously only 60-120 extensions can be applied. The average lady (depending on age, health & genetics) has only 60-120 natural lashes per eye. So a “Classic” set of lash extensions can only ever be as full as you have natural lashes. If your natural lashes are sparse, thin or short then the less impact your classic set will have.

An eyelash extension can also only be applied to a healthy, strong natural lash of a certain length. This means even though you may have between 60-120 lashes per eye, a third of them may not be able to hold an extension and so this too affects the volume or fullness of your finished Classic set.

How Long Do Extensions Last?

Well they will last the life of your natural lash. It is that simple. They are attached to your natural lash so when your natural lash sheds so does the extension. You own individual shed rate depends on a few things. Genetics, general health and age. However, most people shed on average between 3-5 natural eye lashes per eye per day! So if you have say 100 extensions applied per eye and you shed the minimum of 3 lashes per day then you will have shed three quarters of your extensions by week three. That is why most ladies have 2-4 weekly eyelash refills. Some ladies shed more, some ladies shed less. Of course aftercare also comes into that as the better you look after your extensions the stronger the bond between your natural lash and your extension will be.

So you now understand that the industry norm is a “Classic Set” and importantly that your set can only be as full as your natural lashes allow

So what is the actual Eyelash Extension and how is it attached?

Eyelash extensions are the small fibre that is attached to your natural lash at the treatment and it comes in many different sizes, curls, weights and materials. The “Curl” refers to the shape of the extension and how curly it is. The curls range from J, B, C, CC, D, O, L and L+. Most salons only stock a J or B curl which is the industry norm. Here at Absolute Beauty we stock all curls to ensure that we can match the extension to your natural lash and also create looks not achievable at other salons.

The “material” refers to what the extension is made from. Currently they can be produced from Siberian Mink, Faux Mink and Silk. The most commonly stocked is Silk as it is generally less expensive than Faux Mink. Here at Absolute Beauty we stock all fibres except real Mink as we are against animal cruelty. Once again stocking the full range allows us to create lashes that are individually suited to you. Whilst Silk may be fine for some clients, Faux Mink is better for others. We do not believe that you can truly customise to each client unless you have the entire range!

The “Size” refers to the length of the chosen extension. Sizes range from 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17. The size chosen for your set depends on many things including the look you want but most importantly what you natural lash can hold safely. Someone with a shorter, thinner natural lash could not wear a 17 as it would pull out the natural lash! Absolute Beauty do not just stock a few sizes but ALL sizes (in all curls and all weights our storeroom currently houses over 1000 trays of lashes in different, curls, weights and sizes – there is no look we cannot create!)

Now the most important thing… “Weight”!

The weight of the lash extension refers to how thick/heavy the extension is. The weights vary from 0.05, 0.06, 0.07, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15, 0.18, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30. Back in the old days before we knew about having to care for the natural lash all extensions were 0.25 and were applied to the natural lash. Still today 0.20 and 0.25 are the standard weights held by salons even though MOST clients natural lashes cannot hold this weight and so will prematurely shed. The reason salons use this thicker extensions is because you can make a set look full, quickly but it is simply not safe. Absolute Beauty does not stock anything above a 0.18 and we do this to protect the integrity of our clients natural lashes! (After all, if all your natural lashes are shed prematurely or damaged by a heavy extension you will eventually not be able to wear any extensions!) As education and skills grow across our industry hopefully we will see the demise of 0.20, 0.25 and 0.30 thick extensions!

So you now know that a “Classic” set of extensions is the industry norm and that during a Classic set one extension per natural lash is applied. Obviously, this is because using current industry weights that is all the natural lash can hold safely. You also know that during a Classic application you can only achieve a look that is as full as the amount of natural lashes you have.

While we are talking about application it is also important to cover a few other things like adhesives and safety. Lash Extensions when applied in a clean environment by a trained Lash Technician using quality products are safe and enjoyable. Unfortunately though not every beauty salon/home based tech/hair salon/lash bar may have your best interests at heart. This isn’t because most of them don’t care it is simply because they may not be able to afford the best products or are inadequately trained or cut corners. Incorrectly/badly applied extensions can damage your eyelashes, lead to eye infections and even permanent eyesight damage. It is the sad reality of our industry. Our industry is TOTALLY unregulated. A 100% unregulated industry means that you have to be careful where you choose to get your extensions. Choose a reputable salon for your eyelash extensions that can confidently answer the following:

  1. Are all the products used during your appointment designed specifically for use during lash extensions and approved for use in Australia? Absolute Beauty can answer yes to this.
  2. Are the staff members trained and experienced in lash extension application? Absolute Beauty can answer yes to this.
  3. Have all staff undergone institutional based training in hygiene and disinfection? Absolute Beauty can answer yes to this.

You are now able to understand what lash extensions are and have the tools to make a good decision when choosing to book your set of Classic lash extensions. But what if you want more? We are women after all and we developed the concept of more! What if you have tried a Classic set and just wish that they could look fuller or thicker? Well we have the answer and it is called RUVOL Lash Extensions. Yep – finally Russian Volume is available here in Tasmania.

What on earth is RUVOL?
Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions (RUVOL) are the best innovation in lash extensions since… Well since they were started back in the 1900’s! In a Classic set only one extension can be applied to one natural lash because of the weight of the extension used and the application method. NOT ANYMORE. Now Absolute Beauty can offer you a specialised application technique using a specialised weight that allows you to have literally unlimited extensions WITHOUT damage to your precious natural lashes and without any discomfort or risks.

Using a specialised technique Absolute Beauty can now apply between 2-8 extensions PER natural lash. And because of the combination of the way that the extensions are applied and the specialised extension your new lashes will feel LIGHTER and fluffier than your own natural lashes meaning they are safer than Classic extensions! It also means that instead of only having 60-120 extensions applied you have 300-800 extensions per eye applied! Every single lash extension Christmas has come at once! It’s the bees knees, it is amazing, its Christmas & Easter rolled into one! It is simply that good! OMG (You can see it’s a little exciting…!)

Imagine having full, luscious lashes without the normal restrictions to number and length and an endless choice of design choices – well all that is yours now at Absolute Beauty. YES – it is lash Christmas alright! But the magic doesn’t just stop at your application. It’s the wearability of RUVOL lashes that make the difference. As we explained earlier you shed your natural lashes and when you shed your natural lashes the extension sheds too. If you only have 60-120 extensions within a week you notice the loss, two weeks you are pretty gappy and by three weeks you are desperate as there is next to no extensions left! Now imagine if instead you have 600 lashes per eye. The couple hundred you normally shed are childs play. This means that for most people at 2-3 weeks you will still have the equivalent of a Classic set on. This allows you to go your normal refill time without looking bald or to even in some cases stretch your refills out (keep in mind though that the closer your refills are the fuller your lashes will always stay). All good news! Perhaps, most exciting of all is the looks you can enjoy now you have the option of RUVOL at Absolute Beauty!

Of course we are keeping out trade secrets close to our heart but we can 100% confirm that your RUVOL extensions are lighter weight (even with hundreds more extensions applied) than Classic extensions, fuller than any Classic set could ever be, fluffier than any Classic Set, more dramatic, longer, healthier and way more eye catching. There is no comparison between RUVOL and everyday Classic Lashes. We have popped some pictures below so you can see the visual difference.

Pretty huge difference isn’t it?!

Here is a comparison table between Classic and RUVOL Extensions:

But why can’t your normal lash tech just glue heaps of extras extensions on? Why do they need specialised training and specialised products?

Check out the pictures below. The first picture shows dangerous lash work. The poorly trained lash tech has just glued or clumped heaps of heavy extensions to this poor clients natural lash. That has resulted in pain for the client, damage to the lash line and an ugly uncomfortable finish with the guaranteed end result of the clients natural lashes falling out prematurely. Dangerous, ugly, unsafe and you need to stay away from this! The second picture shows RUVOL lashes (yep created by us) using RUVOL weight extensions and less glue than even a classic set uses. Safe, fluffy, full and attractive. This is true RUVOL.


So what does the D stand for in RUVOL lashes and what about just sticking on pre-made cluster lashes?

The “D” in RUVOL lashes stands for the dimension. A Classic set is obviously 1D – that is one extension per natural lash. A 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D is 2-8 times as many extensions per natural lash. A good salon & lash tech will create your lashes in the “D” that suits you at your appointment from the full range of curls and weights and sizes. For example you may have tiny baby immature lashes that may be a 2D in a D Curl, Size 8 and immediately next to that lash is a long, strong natural lash that can handle a 6D, C Curl in Size 14! That is why the best lashes are hand created at the time. Some salons have tried to board the RUVOL train by cutting corners and ordering what is called “Cluster” lashes which are pre-made lashes where 2,3,4 lashes are pre-glued together and then your lash tech just glues them to your lashes. Why are these not as good? Because in order for the manufacturer to do this they must use a slightly heavier weight lash and more glue than you would normally need to keep the lashes together! Then your lash tech would add yet more glue when attaching them. So not only, do you get too much glue but different glues can adversely react with each other. This is unsafe. Following are pictures that are NOT RUVOL. This is just poor work or cluster lashes trying to pass as RUVOL. Remember if they are not hand created during your appointment they are not RUVOL no matter how much your tech tries to mislead you otherwise!


So even though there is no actual choice between RUVOL salons at the moment (as Absolute Beauty are the only certified & trained RUVOL salon here in Tasmania) why should you choose Absolute Beauty?

  1. Absolute Beauty are the first salon to bring this new treatment to you & this launch is the culmination of over 12 months of hard work and training. It is not a last minute launch “because others are” story. You are in safe, well-practiced & certified hands!
  2. Our RUVOL work is guaranteed.
  3. Absolute Beauty stocks the full range of RUVOL lashes (all weights, curls, sizes, adhesives & materials) to ensure your lashes are individually created for your eyes and the look you want with no restrictions.
  4. Your extensions and the 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D lashes are all individually created for you during your appointmentat the time by the RUVOL Lash Techs at Absolute Beauty – no ugly or unsafe clusters or pre made lash clusters.
  5. All our lash extension products (lashes, adhesives etc) are safe for use, designed specifically for the application process and approved for use in Australia.

So now you know the difference between a Classic Set and a RUVOL Set what do you need to know about the actual process? If you choose to go ahead with getting a set of RUVOL lashes the following are important things to consider:

  1. Your RUVOL Full Set will take 2 hours 30 minutes for application plus a 10 minute pre-consultation and a 10 minute after care consultation. So you need to allow approximately 2 hours and forty minutes. (Refills do not take this long – just the initial application)
  2. You need to be on-time for your appointment. Any reduction in time due to lateness (even 5 minutes) will affect your finished product! RUVOL lashes are a work of art and you will be the envy of your friends so make sure you give yourself plenty of time and make the most of the experience.
  3. You must arrive to your appointment with NO eye make up on at all. No mascara, no eye shadow and no eyeliner.
  4. Please arrive without contact lenses in and understand that we do not recommend you popping your contacts in for at least 5-7 hours afterwards (this has to do with not getting your new extensions wet).
  5. We love catching up with all our clients but you cannot chitchat during your application as this moves the facial muscles including the eyes! Make the most of a snooze and listen to some relaxing music. Switch your phone onto silent and maybe don’t knock back any coffee immediately before your appointment! Do you have a favourite play list bring it along with some headphones and zone out!
  6. Only book your appointment when you can 100% confirm you can attend as any cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will automatically result in a forfeit of your deposit. Why? We hold three hours and two staff members for your appointment and RUVOL Full Set appointments are EXTREMELY limited! A deposit of $60 (which can be paid via credit card over the phone is required at the time of booking a RUVOL Full Set).
  7. You RUVOL lashes are guaranteed provided you follow the aftercare. In the event of an adverse outcome (which is pretty unlikely!) simply let us know within the first 7 days and we will guarantee to get you in and rectify any issues. We stand by our work.
  8. We will take before and after photos during your appointment. We will crop the pictures so no one can tell it is you before we use them but if you want a copy to make your friends jealous let us know and we will email them to you!
  9. Be prepared to be the center of attention, to have people going “OMG I want your eyelashes”! Be prepared for all your friends to be jealous. Be prepared to have better eyelashes than anyone else you know. They will be the fullest, fluffiest, most comfortable & glamorous lashes EVER. Be prepared to be ADDICTED. Now for the good bit. How do you score these amazing lashes??

There are two ways that you can transition to RUVOL Lashes. The first encompasses removal of any “classic”lashes you currently have on. That way you will start with the fullest, fluffiest most amazing set. This is the best way to transition.The second special is for those ladies that do not want to remove what they currently are wearing and are prepared to transition over to RUVOL over 2-3 lash refills. The choice is up to you but we do recommend option one as you will get the RUVOL look instantly!

Removal of your classic lash extensions is FREE with any RUVOL Lashe Extension Full Set! Yep – NO CHARGE for your removal if you are transitioning from Classic to RUVOL!

All you need to do is decide how you want to transition and book away!

  1. So if you have no lashes on at all simply call or email the salon to make your booking for Classic or RUVOL Lashes. Alternatively use the booking form below.
  2. If you are currently wearing Classic lashes (from us or another salon) and you wish to book a removal and a Full Set of RUVOL lashes – call, email or use the booking form below.
  3. Want to start your journey to RUVOL Lashes but not remove your Classic lashes? Just use the form below (or call or email the salon) to book your first 90 minute RUVOL Refill.
Semi-Permanent Lashes – RUVOL Full 3D-5D Set $185.00

Allow 2 Hours for your lashes to be beautifully finished. ** Please note that our books are currently closed to new clients for RUVOL lashes due to being booked to capacity.  Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram Pages for when we announce we are taking new clients.

Semi-Permanent Lashes – Full Classic Set (1:1 Ratio) $130.00

Allow 1 Hour.  ** Please note that our books are currently closed to new clients for lashes due to being booked to capacity.  Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram Pages for when we announce we are taking new lash clients.

Semi-Permanent Lashes – RUVOL Refill 1 Hour $85.00

Approx 2-3 Weekly.

Refill Classic Lashes – $52.00

(Under 3 weeks)

Semi-Permanent Lashes – RUVOL Refill 1.5 Hour Refill $115.00

Approx 3-4 Weekly.

Refill Classic Lashes – $68.00

(Under 4 weeks)

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