Laser Hair Removal

Beauty Salon Launceston “Permanent Hair Reduction”

We offer the most advanced, state of the art technology in the treatment of unwanted hair with the Energist Ultra VPL. The Energist Ultra uses broad-spectrum light, as opposed to traditional laser, and micro pulsing as opposed to a single pulse, to give you the VPL advantage with none of the adverse side effects associated with other techniques. You can expect exceptional results, affordable non-invasive treatment that is safe, comfortable and rapid. Treat all areas of your body and face.

If you have been thinking about having “Laser” or IPL then you need to down load a copy of our fact sheet on permanent hair removal methods first. This fact sheet explodes common myths and allows you to make an eductaed decision before for selecting a salon for your hair removal needs.

Consultation with Free test patching –  $35.00

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