Brow Secrets International

“Natural brow restoration allows a woman to refine her beauty.  Suddenly, she becomes softer, more sophisticated and transformed by artistry.”   Elle Wilson

The True Brow Restoration and Design System™ is the process of recovering your brows to their fullest and most beautiful potential, naturally. You will be amazed at what is possible, using your very own brows, regardless of the state they are currently in. No tricks, serums, wigs, extensions or permanent make-up. You will be amazed with the results that can be achieved using what nature gave you and the skills of a highly trained brow artist from Brow Secrets International™.

Tracey has been chosen by Brow Secrets International (BSI) to train in the True Brow Restoration and Design System and Absolute Beauty has been chosen to become a Brow Secrets International licensed salon.  Tracey is one of an elite group of individuals that are hand-picked for this training, so we are very honoured.  We couldn’t be more excited to be affiliated with this incredible company and what it will mean for your brows!  If you have not yet heard of True Brow International, they are the worlds leading brow training organisation, pioneering the original Natural Brow Restoration and Design System.  We have been truly amazed at the work of the artists that come out of this training.  We think you will be as well.  Tracey has been lucky enough to even train alongside Elle Wilson herself.  Elle Wilson is a world leading brow artist, creator of the True Brow Restoration and Design System and President of Brow Secrets International.

The True Brow Restoration and Design System is the process of recovering your brows to their fullest and most beautiful potential, naturally.  You will be amazed at what is possible, using your very own brows, regardless of the state they are currently in.  No tricks, serums, wigs or extensions. No tattooing and no permanent make up.  You will be stunned by the results using what nature gave you and the skills of a highly trained brow artist from Brow Secrets International.  We will work meticulously with your brows to reveal their natural true potential through soft, flowing lines.  Every woman can be restored naturally to a gorgeous set of brows regardless of what, or who, has unwittingly ravaged them before.

You may have been told in the past by well-meaning friends, family or even beauty therapists that your brows will not grow back, that brows don’t grow back – well that is simply not true.  In 99% of cases each and every brow can and will be restored to its true natural potential.  Even after years of being ravaged! Yes it takes time but if you could have amazingly beautiful brows that are the envy of your friends and family why would you not invest a little time now, for a lifetime of stunning brows.  It’s a no-brainer.

We cannot share with you the exact details of how the transformations are achieved as that is proprietary information that is owned by BSI for exclusive use by their salons and BSI Brow Artists.  However we can tell you we are trained in the following:

  • Cutting edge lighting techniques
  • Brow colour correction and enhancement
  • How to work effectively with the hair growth patterns and cycles
  • Understanding the transformational qualities of a woman’s brow
  • The original natural brow restoration techniques as created and developed by Elle Wilson
  • A complete and in-depth understanding of how to work with any brow to open a woman’s face, giving her a new found youthfulness and freshness, instantly.

We are really excited because now EVERY client of Absolute Beauty has an opportunity to work towards the brows that nature gave you, to have beautiful brows without invasive treatments such as brow extensions or brow tattooing (also known as feather stroke or microbladding).  We are not against tattooing but why would you tattoo your face without first exhausting every avenue to naturally restore your brows?  Unfortunately our industry has seen a massive increase in poorly trained “brow tattooists” that are tattooing brows that should never be tattooed.

Sadly, our industry has seen a spurt of these poorly trained brow tattooists destroying women’s beauty in the name of dollars.  The greatest misconception that ladies seem to have is that “if I tattoo my brows I never have to touch them, I can wake up with beautiful brows…”.  Ummm….. NOT true.  Did you know that you still have to shape, wax and tint your brows after tattooing? And that once tattooed you will FOREVER (we repeat forever) have to re-tattoo every 12-18 months.  And over the period of time the skin will no longer accept the pigment and the continuous tattooing can in some cases destroy your brow hair follicles?   Semi-permanent make up artists don’t tell you all this, after all its not in their interest.

Who would have their brows tattooed if they knew that the once beautiful tattoo (if you are lucky enough to get a good set) fades to a ghastly salmon pink, dirty faded grey or worse still fades unevenly leaving your brows looking permanently blotched. The second biggest misconception is that “if you don’t like your brow tattoo’s you can wait till they fade or have them removed”.  Lets clear this up right now.  One, even though the pigment is placed more superficially it will never COMPLETELY disappear/fade.  Secondly, whilst you can have painful laser treatments to burn off your brow tattoo if you can’t stand looking at it in the mirror any more – the laser generally still can’t 100% remove the pigment and laser has huge risks. Most shocking of all is that brows are being tattooed that should instead be restored or not touched at all!.  Unless you have undergone a full restoration program you should NEVER tattoo your brows.

We are not against brow tattooing performed by highly skilled technicians AFTER and only after a 12-18 month restoration has been undertaken. Never tattoo on a whim as you will regret it forever.  That old saying – never make long term decisions based on short term wants is so true when it comes to brow tattooing!!  Remember in 99% of cases the natural brow can be restored in 3-12 months (sometimes slightly longer) and once restored not only does a beautiful brow enhance your beauty but your own brows are low maintenance – and they are your own!. Too often we hear “oh but mine don’t grow” or “I’ve tried growing them, nothing happens” or “I was told that brows never grow back if they aren’t back in 12 weeks etc.”.  This is simply NOT true.

Brow Secrets International training programs are the world’s most extensive and comprehensive brow certification programs in the world.  The entire emphasis of our program is on restoring your brow by an initial full assessment, followed by the implementation of techniques and principles of design to draw out your beauty, with the entire emphasis being on softness, sophistication, femininity and flow.  Most restorations are between 3-12 months.  You now have that opportunity right here in Tasmania.

We are only able to take on a limited number of clients for brow restoration at a time due to the level of commitment required from Tracey to each client. We will endeavour to reopen our waiting list as clients graduate from restoration programs to maintenance programs.  (P.S – if you have full brows let us know and you may be able to go straight to Brow Design without going through Brow Restoration).

In order to be accepted into the BSI Natural Brow Restoration and Design Program you must be able to commit to the following:
  1. You must be able to visit the salon once every 2 – 4 weeks for a your appointment.  Your appointment will take between 30 – 60 minutes.
  2. You must consent to before and after pictures being taken.
  3. You must commit to NEVER ever ever ever ever ever touching your brows in-between your appointments – not even one hair must be touched – EVER….!
  4. The True Brow Design and Restoration Program can run anywhere from two-twelve months depending on the current state of your brows.  You will only need to come 2-4 weekly initially until we have enough growth to perform a Brow Design in which case you will then just come once every 4-5 weeks for a Brow Design.  Please understand that if you are lucky enough to be chosen to be selected that we expect the same level of commitment from you that we will be putting in!  If you (or any one else) tweezes/removes/waxes hair from your brow during the program then you will be immediately removed from the program. We want your before and after photos to be as stunning as the above picture – that takes commitment, trust and patience from you.
  5. Cost is currently $52 per session.  A deposit of $35 is required at the time of booking all BSI appointments due to the limited availability of appointments.  Should you cancel or reschedule with less than three days notice than the deposit is forfeited.  There are no exceptions so please ensure you are able to attend any appointments you have booked.
What to expect at your True Brow Restoration and Design Appointment:
  1. 1) Silence – Yes it will be a time of silence and relaxation for you.  One of the requirements form BSI is that their therapists 100% commit all their attention to the brow during the restoration, hence no chatter.  Further, we require your head and facial features to be completely still during the work.
  2. Abdominals – You will be alternating frequently between laying down and sitting up so your abdominals will get a little work out!
  3. Record keeping – At all times we will be keeping detailed records of your brows restoration journey, this includes written documentation and photographic evidence.  We will share this with you during your brow journey.  These images are also shared with Elle Wilson the founder of the BSI Program.  Elle assesses EVERY restoration in progress during live classes each week.
  4. Tweezing, tinting, waxing, trimming, shaping and design – all these methods will be employed at each session.
  5. Homework – at times we will be instructing you on certain aftercare required in-between your grow in sessions.
  6. During the restoration phase you may be required to use a light powder and we will help train you in the correct application.

All of the information so far has covered what is required if you wish to become part of our restoration program to start your journey to fully restored brows. However, there are two very different types of BSI services we offer.  The first is the BAI Natural Brow Restoration and Design program for those ladies that have compromised brows – think thin, wrong shape, over waxed, over tweezed etc..  The second is for clients who have brows that are not damaged but are the wrong shape or not shaped at all – for these ladies we will be offering the BSI Brow Design treatment.  Instead of going through a 3-12 month restoration you can simply book a BSI Brow Design.  Price is just $52 (the same as the restoration price) and the treatment will take up to an hour.  After your initial BSI Design appointment you simply need to rebook every 4-5 weeks to keep your newly designed brows immaculate.  If you have full brows (i.e.. no restoration required) make sure you check the “BSI Full Design” box on our online form.  The picture below is of a BSI Brow Design – I.e unlike the above images – no restoration or grow in period is required, just a design.

So where to from here?  Its simple – complete the form below.  If you have compromised brows that “never grow back” or have been over waxed/tweezed/destroyed, then you need to select the “restoration” option at the bottom of the form to become part of the BSI Natural Brow Restoration and Design Program.  If you have a relatively normal, full brow then you simply need a BSI Brow Design so select “design” on the online consultation form.

The form should only take about 5 minutes to complete.  Please remember that we have VERY limited spots but if you miss out we will automatically add you to the wait list for our next intake of designs or restorations.

Oh and importantly….. From now on, this very minute please do not tweeze/wax/pluck/remove a SINGLE hair from your brows! Every hair counts in your journey to new brows where the emphasis is on softness, sophistication, femininity and flow.

We look forward to sharing the journey with you.  We look forward to restoring the beauty of your natural brow.  It is there.  It will take skill from Tracey and time and patience on your behalf but what a beautiful thing it will be when you get there!

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