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Imagine a technology advanced peel which provides you with REAL, VISIBLE results instantly without discomfort and NO down-time…

Well its here NOW and its ONLY available in Launceston at Absolute Beauty


Ultraceuticals revolutionary A-ZYME peel (RRP $165 including FREE Microdermabrasion)is exclusive to Absolute Beauty in Launceston. This is not just a fruit acid based peel like very other peel on the market.

Imagine a technologically advanced peel which provides you with real, VISIBLE results, without the discomfort normally associated with peels. The new A-ZYME peel combines the fast-acting potent ingredients Retinol and Bromelain to immediately refresh, refine, intensely hydrate and PLUMP your skin. The A-ZYME peel uses a scientifically proven formula and each peel is individually prepared under strict quality controls.

But the exciting thing is what this peel can do for and to your skin. Each individual peel contains two key ingredients, Retinol (1%) and Bromelain (6%). 1% Retinol is scientifically proven to refine and plump the skin, accelerate cell turnover and hydrate your skin. 6% Bromelain will IMMEDIATELY improve the visual appearance of your skin by dissolving the bonds between your skins dead skin cells, therefore accelerating the turn over and exfoliation of the skin cells. The action of Bromelain in a 6% preparation can DELAY the appearance of wrinkles, even out your skin tone (uneven pigmentation) and dramatically refine and smooth your skin. AND… It does all this without harming, the younger, living cells of your skin.

The A-ZYME peel unlike other acid based peels is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and darker skins. It has been introduced into Australia by Ultraceuticals to benefit skin that suffers from unwanted pigmentation, premature ageing, fine lines, wrinkles, is dry or suffers from acne/scarring.

The A-ZYME peel differs from all other peels on the market as it uses both Retinol & Bromelain to provide dual-action peel with no discomfort. It is the perfect lunch-time peel as there is minimal redness afterwards and no time off work is required. Further, unlike other peels on the market, Bromelain works by enhancing your skins own regenerative capacity and it is not necessary to see peeling for the peel to work and if your skin does peel it will do so in a uniform manner. The most that you may see is mild peeling/flaking or slight redness with this A-ZYME peel.

The A-ZYME peel offers rapid, visible & noticeable results without the risks of side effects. On a technical side each peel comes individually prepared so we as therapists know there is no loss of potency from shelf storage of air exposure. This guarantees that every A-ZYME peel is 1% Retinol and 6% Bromelain. This peel gives exceptional results every time, to every client. We guarantee that after just your first A-ZYME peel you will NOTICE & love the results.

So if you are concerned about ageing, unwanted pigmentation, redness, scarring or acne this peel is for you. You WILL see results after just your first peel but three peels are recommended, spaced two weeks apart. Home care after your peel is as simple as using Ultra Hydrating Gel and Ultra SPF Moisturiser. We hope you are now as excited about the A-ZYME peel as we are!

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